Staying at Pian del Sole offers a choice between a sporting holiday and a peaceful and relaxing holiday, as well as to alternate days of sport to relax, to live also inside the Hotel: Guests have in fact available at the pool with sun terrace, a large lawn with umbrellas and chairs, the wooden patio where you can read or relax in the shade.

Those in search of serenity and well-being can also visit the village of Sassello, or the town of Acqui Terme, which houses a great Spa Center, can take part in festivals, fairs and musical events of the rich calendar of events offered by Redwing, can walk along the paths of Deiva Forest, to Lake of Gulli for a picnic on the shore or a refreshing swim, pick mushrooms with the card "holiday-makers", or fish in the tourist reserve dedicated.

Those who love outdoor sports will find near Redwing a spectacular open-air gym, where to walk, ride a horse, ride a mountain bike or snowshoeing in the winter. The vast network of trails in the Beigua Park, which pushes up the High Street of the Ligurian Mountains, is an invitation to spend their holiday in an active way, immersed in nature.

What to do


Under the hiking profile, the choice is very rich. For the less energetic Sassello offers pleasant walks along the trails just steps from the historic center or in the Deiva Forest, while the most trained can navigate over long distances and challenging, but extremely rewarding, such as those that reach the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri the scenic plateau of Monte Beigua. In particular, it is worth recalling the itinerary Sassello-Colle Bergnon-Monte Avzè, which climbs through beech, pine trees and rocks. On a clear day, the summit of Mount Avzè gives the thrill of space with the look up to Capo Noli and the Isle of Bergeggi.

Cycling and mountain biking

There are numerous cycling routes, leaving from Sassello, to discover the Orba valleys, Erro and Bormida. The most interesting are collected in a mini-guide produced in cooperation with the Hotel Pian del Sole: This is a different length and difficulty circular paths, typically Apennines, offering the opportunity to meet with climbs of varying difficulty. Even mountain bikers are offered a rich choice of itineraries, in Deiva Forest or along the trails and dirt roads of the Beigua Park. Worth noting the descent Monte Beigua-Sassello, very funny and, in some stretches, technique.

Horseback riding

Those who love horses and the outdoors has the opportunity to make excursions along the panoramic ridge of Alta Via dei Monti Liguri or along the trails that snake through the interior forests: the feeling of freedom that comes riding and the pleasure of contact with nature are a valuable injection of well-being, for both mind and body. You can contact the Associazione Ippica Le Rocce, located in the locality Periaschi, in Sassello. The association has an equestrian center and organizes guided tours of different duration and difficulty, even for beginners.

Mushroom picking

The Sassello forests are among the most beautiful and the richest in mushrooms in the Savona hinterland. Not only in the fall, but also often in the summer you can pick magnificent specimens of Boletus edulis, the best known and appreciated of edible mushrooms. The annual card "holiday-makers" is issued to those who are accommodated in hotels and / or private homes within the large area taken care of by the Consortium for the protection of the territory and the preservation of the undergrowth. The annual membership card costs € 30 (if purchased by May 31, the cost is reduced to 25 €). For more information, contact the Consortium.

Trout fishing

From March to October it is open the tourist reserve trout fishing located in the locality Diga dell'Antenna on Orba stream (between Sassello and Urbe). Thanks to the pristine natural environment and the periodic inclusion, the streams in the area are still sufficiently populated. To access the reserve is necessary to be in compliance with the fishing license and be associated with the Union National Enal Fishing. Tourists can buy a ticket for 25 € that allows the capture of five trout in the course of the season. More information is available on the website of the Society of Sports Fishing Tre Torri Sassello.

Nature trails

They are easily accessible from Sassello two of the five Nature Trails made by the Beigua Park to enhance the environmental and cultural heritage of its territory. These are routes equipped with panels and dissemination materials, which allow the visitor to appreciate the most of the botanical aspects, wildlife and historic. You can choose between the Deiva Forest (a short distance from the village of Sassello) and the path Pratorotondo-Torbiera del Laione (access via car to Monte Beigua): both paths, but rather long, fairly level, are ideal for those who It prefers soft sport.